Ethan Lipton is looking for an upside to the downturn—the economic downturn, that is. His character is the classic everyman that could easily be that guy in the cubicle next to you. You’ve probably had a half-hearted Monday morning chat about “them lousy bums” on the Sunday sports channel with someone like him, yet now you’ve learned that his job’s been outsourced to some distant locale and he’s trying to make the best of it, brave face and all. But you know the truth: there might not be much “best” to be found.

In No Place to Go, the OBIE award-winning playwright, actor, and singer Ethan Lipton, with his fine three-piece group, has created a comedic new cabaret theatre gem that mines the anxieties of the middle-class workplace, bagel carry-ins and all. Yes, there’s plenty of office camaraderie and water cooler yuks, but there’s also plenty of universally understood pain emerging in the newly “permanent part-time” future. Lipton expertly guides the whole affair through stories and songs that, in the hands of his band, become a theatrical song cycle of sublime jazz, blues, and folk music. The show has had celebrated engagements at Joe’s Pub in New York City and The Gate in London, along with a large wall-calendar planner full of dates in major U.S. cities. With regular appearances on public radio and TV, plus five albums under their belts and a new one in the works for 2014, Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra will “clock in” at Carnahan Hall, Lafayette’s new downtown nightclub venue at 8th and Main. By the way, the minutes from last week’s meeting show that it’s your turn to bring the coffee. 

Doors: 8:30PM

Show: 9:30 PM

Runtime: 90 min.