Performances by:

Matt Holt  


Matt Holt is someone to watch. Few comedians display the quick wit, razor sharp timing and biting delivery that he brings to the stage time and time again.

When a comic lives in the moment, no two shows are alike, and nobody takes audiences on a thrill ride like Matt Holt. With his relaxed style, he seamlessly transitions from scripted material to casual, off-the-cuff conversation with the audience, leaving them laughing, applauding, and gasping for air.

Any comic can make up jokes, but Matt prefers to derive playful material from his personal experiences. Being the youngest of eight kids, and a twice-divorced single father, Matt has no shortage of comedic inspiration in his life. Matt never misses a chance to laugh at himself, which allows him to break down that barrier between the performer and the audience. It’s this knack of his that lets the audience know who he really is. When he first steps on stage he’s “the comedian.” By the end of the show, he’s “Matt.” It’s like sitting down with an old friend and having the time of your life.

Having just released his debut album I’m in Show Business! Matt is busier than ever touring the country and loving every minute of it. When he’s not performing at clubs, colleges, and casinos, he can be heard on SIRIUS/XM Satellite radio or co-hosting the wildly popular podcast, The Interweb Podshow. If you want to see a show unlike any you’ve ever seen, watch Matt Holt. If you want to see another one, watch him again.


Jimmy Roberson


Jimmy Roberson's distinctive joke delivery and precision timing has earned him the respect of crowds, peers and veteran comics alike. Jimmy is a fast rising comedian, who can be found, most nights, performing at clubs and colleges throughout the midwest. To catch Jimmy live in a town near you, follow him on Twitter @RobersonJimmy