CAPACITY: SEATED: 300          STANDING:500          SQUARE FEET: ~5500

To confirm your date we require:

  1. An authorized contract.

  2. 50% deposit due at contract signing.

  3. 2 weeks prior to your event date, the remaining 50% plus a separate Damage Deposit check of $500.00 (Credit card authorization form to be held).


Ballroom Rental Includes:

  • Tables and chairs (see below for available options to choose from)
  • Setup of tables and chairs
  • Tear down of tables and chairs
  • Restroom amenities
  • Trash/Recycling disposal
  • Stage area with ADA accessible ramp (16ft X 31ft)


The following are available on-site based on event availability:

  • 6’ Banquet tables (20 available)
  • 8’ Banquet tables (20 available)
  • 48” Round tables (50 available) -Seat 5/6 comfortably
  • 30” Round pedestal (42” tall) (10 available) -Stand up cocktail table/bistro table
  • Black padded chairs (300 available)

BALLROOM SETUP/TEAR DOWN:            $60.00/ Hour

  • Required time for decorating, vendor set up/tear down, or to remove items that client has
    brought in, etc.. A venue attendant must be present to monitor.
  • All items brought in by client must either be removed by the client or placed into provided
    trash receptacles.


  • Rental rate for “event time”, defined as time guests are in house and Carnahan Hall is
    fully staffed and in operation. Bar does not open until event begins. Add the studio to
    your ballroom rental and receive a discounted rate of $50.00/hour
    event time, with studio set up fees waived . In order to better accommodate your event,
    studio rental is required for events with estimated attendance over 250.

Sunday-Thursday:        $200/Hour (2 Hour Minimum)

Friday & Saturday:        $300/Hour (No Minimum)

                                         $250/Hour (5+ Hour Minimum)

Drink service includes water station, cups, ice, napkins, straws, and staffing.
Alcoholic/non-alcoholic items are paid for separately. Discounted hosted options are available!

  • Alcoholic drink service + non-alcoholic drink service + 2 bartenders $250.00
  • Non-alcoholic drink service + 2 attendants $200.00

Audio/Visual Solutions

Carnahan Hall offers high quality, affordable audio/visual solutions including lighting, video projectors, and powerful speakers.

9’x12’ Retractable projector screens for slideshows, movies, or slides $75.00
9’x12’ screen + 2 (5X8) side projectors $125.00

  • Enjoy one image/slideshow on all three screens or use our 2 separate video feeds!

Connection Requirements: If providing your own device, you must be able to connect to an
Apple TV (MAC) or have an HDMI output (HDMI cord provided by Carnahan Hall). If you wish to
use our in house computer, you must provide your content on 2 forms (recommended: USB
drive, Google Drive (Slides/Docs), via Email) Powerpoint is not recommended unless using
your own device.

JBL SOUND PACKAGE (Flat Rate) $200

  • 2 - JBL PRX 735 1500 watt 3-way 15” main speakers
  • 2 - JBL PRX 718 1500 watt 18” subwoofers
  • 4 - JBL PRX 712 monitor wedges (as needed)
  • Hookups for DJ/laptop/IPod
  • Choice of microphone: corded mic, wireless mic, lapel mic

Required with use of live musicians/bands or in situations requiring complicated micing, as
determined by Carnahan Hall. Carnahan Hall’s in-house sound engineer will work with your
band or presenter to sound check prior to the event taking place (set up time must be added on)
as well as actively mix throughout the event to ensure the best return on your entertainment